"Bridge Multi Level Marketing (MLM)" Management Software

"Bridge Multi Level Marketing (MLM)" Management Software

Bridge Multi Level marketing system is a proper solution for any networking company. ARTIFICIAL SOFT is one of the pioneer and IT Solution Provider. We are proposing an Multi Level marketing system for any kind of data to keep in the institution. This system follows a standard structure, manage data, decrease loss of information and generate more accurate reports of institution and within an affordable price and it’s a friend of user.

The Multi-Level Marketing system modules are following:
  • Android mobile app
  • Entertainment Games
  • Affiliate Marketing (uni level, binary) System
  • Ecommerce Site (buy & sell)
  • Chain Shop/POS
  • Merchant system
  • SMS/Email service
  • Internal communication system
  • General Account
  • Payroll Management
  • Client Management
  • Attendance System
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