"Biddaloy" Education Management Software

Biddaloy Education Management Software

“Biddaloy” Education management software is an interface through which school staffs can manage their specific tasks which involved around a student’s life-cycle. Being an academic or a non-academic activity, an ideal school management software is capable of automating the whole process of that task/activity. Automation of any process consists of four essential parts. Any software, if structured in such a way to meet the following criteria would sustain any kind of automation requirement of any industry.

Some features of Education Management System:
  • Admission
  • Routine, Result
  • Student, Teacher, Employee profile
  • Payroll, Accounts
  • & More Stunning features

(Education Management Software)

Monthly (*For First 500 Student)

Domain & Server Cost:

2000.00 / Yearly

After 500 Students Per Student:

2.00 / Monthly

Full Features & Functions:

Student Tracking Apps:

Android Apps:

Question Management Software:


Installation & Maintenance:


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