Sales & Inventory Management System

Sales & Inventory Management System

Rongdhonu Sales & Inventory Management Software which will keep records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports of items, Sales, Purchase, Accounting & Inventory which is normally prescribed for day to day activity. Make your customers happy in ordering and paying the bills without any inconvenience. There are lots of functionalities that are expected out of an Easy billing software at the checkout counters of retail business.

Rongdhonu Sales & Inventory Management System

Some Important Features of Sales & Inventory Management System

Barcode scanning

Easily identify and track your products; inventory management software integrates with barcode scanners for instant product identification and labeling.

Inventory optimization

Maintain just the right amount of inventory for each product, without over- or under-stocking any item.

Stock Management

Receive alerts and notifications when there’s over- or under-stocking beyond a defined threshold.

Report generation

View sales history in the form of a list of your most popular products. This feature also enables you to manage items in your inventory that have not reached the sales levels you expected

Multilocation management

Manage multiple warehouses and points-of-sale (POS). All locations can be integrated within a single inventory management system.

Accounts Management

Manage your company finance with our verified accounts system. With this system you can find total income total loss or profit.

Pricing Plan

Package (Online Software) Installaton Charge Cost Per Month Cost Per Year(At a time Payment) Yearly Renew
Rongdhonu Stock & Inventory Management Software 6000 TAKA 3,000 TAKA 80,000 TAKA 5000 TAKA

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